What does the Trump administration’s new Trump Education Dept. plan mean for students?

In a new federal education policy document, the Trump Education Department has decided to make the college-bound college student an “advanced degree” rather than a “high school diploma.”

The new guidance could have serious implications for students who would be eligible for college loans under the Trump plan.

“This is not about students being educated on the ‘right’ path,” said David Wojnarowicz, executive director of the nonprofit Education First.

“This is about the right path for the future.”

Wojnarowszowicz said that, by taking away a college diploma from college-age students, the administration is essentially saying that students are going to college as an intermediate degree, and that’s a bad idea.

“The president has not been very clear on what he thinks college is and what it should be,” he said.

“The whole idea of a college degree is to provide the students with a pathway to college, but it’s not a pathway into a career, it’s a pathway towards higher education.”

“That’s a very bad idea,” Wojne said.

The Trump administration is proposing to eliminate the “college-ready” designation for all college-aged students and instead give them the “advancing degree.”

Students who have earned college degrees would be required to complete a three-year program before they could receive financial aid.

The policy also states that college students who have been in college for five years would be given the “qualified college degree” designation, instead of the current “advances in education” designation.

The policy also says that students who are graduating from college will be required by the Trump government to have a “college degree,” and not a “higher education degree.”

Wajnarowszy, however, said that this “unrealistic” requirement would be a major blow to students who may have already been working on their degrees.

“There’s no way for students to get a college education,” he added.

“There’s a huge difference between the two.”

The Trump Education Policy also says the new rules would give a college student more financial aid than a student who is not enrolled in a four-year institution of higher learning, and a student with a “qualified” college degree would have the same amount of aid as a student enrolled in an advanced degree program.

“It will create a lot of confusion and uncertainty for students,” Wajnarowicz said.

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