Indigenous students can now learn how to teach English in Indigenous languages

A new online curriculum from the Department of Aboriginal and Northern Affairs (DANA) is aimed at helping students in Indigenous communities get the education they need.

The curriculum, Lifepac Indigenous Languages, is designed to help students in all Indigenous communities learn how their language is spoken, learned and written, and the skills necessary to develop the skills needed to effectively communicate with people from other communities.

“Lifepac is the latest initiative to support Indigenous languages,” said Danika Arobie, DANA’s Indigenous language director.

“We are committed to supporting all of our communities and helping them communicate better and more effectively with our neighbours, especially in remote communities.”DANPIC said Lifeparises the latest Indigenous language course to be launched under the DANPICA program.

The new program will allow Indigenous students to learn the skills and tools to use their language in the classroom, at home, or in other settings.

“This is about the future of Indigenous language learning, not just in Canada, but around the world,” said David Smith, the department’s director of Indigenous languages and Indigenous cultures.

“Our community needs this information to be more accessible to the wider public.

It’s a great opportunity for our students and our communities to learn about and understand the world’s languages.”

The curriculum includes information about Aboriginal languages, Aboriginal languages and Aboriginal languages in Australia, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.DANAPIC’s Lifepacs program has been in place for several years and is now being extended to Indigenous communities.

The program aims to help Indigenous communities build and maintain strong cultural communities.

Dans said the new curriculum is aimed in part at Indigenous students who are learning to read, write, and speak their Indigenous languages.

It also aims to give Indigenous people the knowledge and tools they need to better understand their neighbours.

The Lifepaca Indigenous Languages course will help students who want to learn more about Indigenous languages but may not be able to afford the cost of a native language course.

“We are working with our students to make it affordable,” Dans said.

“They can start with the basic skills, but they can build their language skills as they go.

They can get more advanced skills, including vocabulary and grammar, along the way.”

For more information on the Lifepachas Indigenous Language course, contact:Danika Arowie, DANS Indigenous Languages Director, at 1-800-821-4731.

Follow Danika on Twitter at, and on Facebook at www

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