How the Bible curriculum has changed from the early school years

What is the history of the Bible in America?

This section has answers to all of the questions.


Who is the Bible?

What was the text of the Old Testament?

What is written in the New Testament?

Is the New Bible a history book?

Why do we need a new version of the New Testaments?

Is it true that the New and Old Testaments differ in their style, style, content, and structure?


What are the sources for the New, Old, and Old Testament books?

Are there any books written in Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew, and Syriac?

Are these books authentic?

Are they written by eyewitnesses?


How did the Bible come to be written?

Did the Bible originate in Aramac or elsewhere?

Did it originate in the time of Christ?

Were the biblical writers of the Hebrew Bible actually the prophets who lived in Jerusalem in the first century?

Were they inspired by God?

Did God have any influence on the writers?


How are the New Books different from the Old?

How did they become the books we know?

How do we know they were written by God or by men who were inspired by him?

How are they different from earlier biblical works?


What does the Bible teach?

Does it contain all the truths of the Christian faith?

Does God teach the same things in the Bible that we know about?

What does God want the Bible to teach us?

Is there a moral code in the Old and New Testams?

Is this a problem for our society?

Does the Bible give us advice?

Is God’s word the best way to do everything?


How does the New World differ from the old world?

What did the early Christian missionaries do to prepare the New world for the world to come?

How does that differ from how we do things today?


Who taught the Bible before the Bible became a Christian?

What were the first Christian churches?

Did they preach from the Bible, or were they influenced by the Bible through their own study of it?


What is New Testament scholarship?

What are its findings?

What do they say about the Bible’s teaching?

Are we able to read the Bible and understand it by looking at the New testament?

What can we learn from the writings of the Apostles?

What have they taught us about the Old Covenant, the New Covenant, and the future?


How can the Bible be taught in school?

What would be a good way to teach the Bible without using textbooks?


What books are the Bible available in?

Which are the most popular?

What should we be teaching our students about the New-Testaments?

What kinds of books do the Bible require reading?

How would we teach them if we didn’t have to?


How do the New Book of Job teach us about life?

What problems does it raise?

How could we teach that without using the Bible or a textbook?

What lessons could we give to our students if we did?


How is the New New Testament different from Old Testament teachings?

What differences does it make?

How is it different from what we see in the Gospels?


How much time should be spent on the Bible when we study history and history courses?


How would you teach history in schools?

What questions would you ask your students?

What kind of questions would be best?


How should we interpret the Bible for the future in classrooms?

How should the Bible relate to contemporary society?

How important should our schools be in the history and future of our country?


Why do students need the Bible during school?

Why should we not use it in schools when the time is right?


What should the students study in schools during their school years?

What other resources should we have in our schools?


How could the Bible help our country better prepare for the next generation?


What do we learn about the history, faith, and culture of the nations of the world?

How can we teach the lessons of history in our classrooms?


How to teach history.

How important is it to teach our students the history lessons of the first five centuries?


How will we teach our children to read and interpret the history books of the Scriptures?

What resources should parents have in the home for their children?


What about children’s literature?

What books should be taught to them?

What types of books should they be exposed to?


What makes the Bible the best book for a student to study in school today?


What lessons do children need to learn from reading the Bible as opposed to just reading a newspaper?


What other books should parents read for their kids?

What sorts of books would be useful for children?


What kind is the new curriculum for schools?

Which books should children be taught from?


What can children learn from a

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