How to teach children to love science and math

The latest video from The Globe and Mail’s Scientific Education series highlights a few ways that parents can create science-focused, child-friendly lessons.

For more information on this series, visit the science curriculum.


Make the science part the story.

When you’re teaching a class, don’t let the science be the main focus.

It should be the focus.

This will help your children understand the science and their own abilities.

If you do, they’ll be more confident about the subject matter and be more likely to make progress in it. 2.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.

It’s important to have fun.

The best way to teach science is by letting the kids experiment.

Make sure that the questions you ask them are challenging and fun.


Make fun of science.

This doesn’t mean that you should avoid fun, but don’t be too strict.

Try to give them the freedom to experiment, and don’t get too involved with the questions.

Don.t be afraid of being silly or making fun of your students.


Make a special story.

For kids who are learning about science, this can be a good way to introduce them to the science.

For example, let them know that some of the things they learned about dinosaurs are true.

Or let them learn about the moon and the earth.


Don:t force them to do what they already know.

Make them feel like they have the choice.

For some students, it’s better to ask them to explain what they’ve learned than to tell them to figure it out themselves.


Let them play with their own questions.

This can be great for them if they’re unsure of what to ask next.

They can choose how to answer the questions that are challenging.


Let kids explore a wide variety of scientific topics.

Kids can do a lot of science in a short time.

They should be able to make discoveries and understand the concepts of the topic in different ways.


Make science fun and interactive.

The science curriculum is designed to be fun for all kids, but kids should be encouraged to learn the basics.

In addition, if they don’t like the curriculum, they can choose to continue the science portion of their class without learning any of the new material.


Make it a fun activity.

Make this a fun part of your kids’ learning.

Some ideas for ways to make it a challenge include: Make the story part of the curriculum.

Make stories about the sciences.

Ask kids to share their own stories.

Make learning fun.

Ask children to play with different kinds of puzzles.

Teach kids to play an instrument or a toy.

Use a science-themed play.

Use the class to explore a variety of topics, such as geology, the moon, or the earth’s history.


Offer a special lesson.

When a child is struggling to learn a subject, they often want to do something fun to cheer them up.

A good way is to ask a parent or teacher to introduce you to a different science-related activity.

This could be a science project or a game.

For children who are just starting out, it can be fun to share a story about the scientist or a story you have in mind.

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