‘You know the kids, they don’t have the flu’

Students at Sydney’s prestigious Sydney International University have been urged to prepare for flu season by learning how to protect themselves from H1N1 pandemic strains.

The university’s students will be tested to determine if they have H1Ns and are given information about how to stay healthy, with the advice that they avoid using the bathroom in public, and to limit exposure to water sources such as showers, toilets and washing machines.

“In the future, it is recommended that students learn to detect the onset of H1-1 pandemics and avoid entering and using public water sources,” the university’s website said.

“This information can be found in the National Hiv Resource Centre, which is located in the School of Nursing and Health.”

Students will also receive a copy of the NSW Health and Safety Strategy.

“It is recommended students attend a clinic that has information about H1M-1, including advice on preventing or treating the virus.”

It’s not just schools and colleges that will be facing the pandemic, with students at Sydney University also receiving advice about their H1NSM.

H1N2 is still the most prevalent form of H3N2 in the world and is the most common strain of H2N2, which can be passed on to others through coughing, sneezing and touching surfaces.

The pandemic has been declared a public health emergency and the Government is providing financial support to universities to assist them to prepare.

The National Health and Medical Research Council is also providing assistance to universities, which are also funding some of the universities H1SMS and H1E2 courses.

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