Why we are no longer allowed to wear our school uniform

Posted September 20, 2018 08:00:55Some parents are being told their children cannot wear their school uniform because of a policy introduced in Queensland that bans children under the age of eight from wearing shorts.

The Queensland Department of Education (DDE) has announced a policy change that bans shorts and long-sleeved shirts for students under eight years old.

But the move is not without controversy.

The Department says the new policy is necessary to protect the health and safety of all children and parents.

“The new rules will apply to students who are aged 16 and over,” the Department said in a statement.

“This means that under the new rules, children under 16 years of age will not be permitted to wear shorts, shorts and or long-Sleeved T-shirts under their school uniforms, except in specific circumstances.”

These rules will also apply to children aged 16-18.

“The Department said under the existing policy, students aged 16 to 18 were permitted to have shorts and shorts and sleeved shirts under their uniforms.

But some parents and others have questioned the new rule, arguing the policy is being used to limit access to children’s education.ABC Education Editor Sam McLean said the decision to introduce the policy was controversial.”

I think they’ve gone way too far, and it seems to be being used in a way that’s discriminatory towards some parents,” he said.”

Parents are just outraged that they’re being told they can’t wear their child’s uniform.

“That is just wrong.”

The department says the rule will only be in place for a limited period of time, and there will be a review to see if any changes can be made to the policy.

“At the moment, this policy is still in place, and this review will look at whether there is any way to make the policy better and better,” the department said.


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