When the kids say the word ‘abeka’, you don’t know what to expect

Posted January 17, 2019 07:48:05 What children are saying when they say the words “abeka” in preschool?ABC Children’s Learning has been watching to see how the word is being used.

A look at the word’s originsFrom the time children first start to speak in the nursery, “abekas” is used in both the English and Australian vernacular.

Children often start to say it when they’re learning about the meaning of the word, but the origins of the term can vary widely.

Aboriginal language teacher Anne Macquarie says children in some families use the word when they are learning about abeka.

“A lot of the times children don’t want to say ‘abeka’ or ‘abkas’, because they know that when they go into the nursery it’s going to be a very difficult time for them,” Ms Macquaria said.

“They’re going to have a hard time with it, they’re going see people crying, they are going to feel ashamed and they are really struggling with it and trying to make sure they understand it.”

Ms Macqueria says it’s a tricky word to say, but she believes it comes from the Aboriginal word for a person who is in the process of being born.

“It’s a very specific and specific thing,” she said.

“I think the word has come from a process of getting the baby born.

They are in labour and they want to start the process and they have no choice but to say the first word in their language to begin with.”

They want to be able to say that word because they have the baby.

It’s not a question of saying ‘abak’ or anything like that, it’s about saying ‘baby’.


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