Why is the anti-racism curriculum under fire?

FourFourtwo – 4-year-olds are being told to focus on being compassionate and accepting of others and avoid the stereotyping of other people.

They are being encouraged to look at other people’s feelings, their emotions and how they react to things.

It is all part of the curriculum that was set up by the federal government to combat racism in schools.

It has been criticised by some who say it is promoting a “racism of hate”.

But experts have told FourFour Two the curriculum is being used in schools in a way that does not reflect the diversity of Australia.

“The idea of a ‘cultural competency’ curriculum has nothing to do with the curriculum in the classroom,” Professor Andrew Langford from the Australian National University’s School of Education told FourThree.

“It is a new and controversial idea that is being promoted to the public, which is why it is so controversial.”

He said the idea of cultural competency was a way of teaching students that the world is not fair and that they should treat others with respect.

“What it’s really about is creating an environment where students can understand that the whole of society is made up of different groups of people who have different ideas about what is fair,” Professor Langford said.

“So if they can see that and see that all people are people, then they can learn about that and also recognise the differences in how different groups relate to each other.”

That’s why I think it’s so important for kids to be able to recognise that there is something to be said for being different.

“Professor Langford was one of several experts who took part in the national survey on anti-racist curriculum in schools, conducted by the Australian Human Rights Commission and the Australian Institute of School Leadership.

Professor Langfords research found that the Australian Bureau of Statistics said about half of schools surveyed had not updated their anti-discrimination policies to reflect the changing cultural landscape.

He said there were problems with how anti-racial discrimination was being taught in schools because many teachers were using stereotypes about people of colour and other groups.”

There are very few examples of teaching anti-white bias, anti-black bias, or anti-Asian bias,” Professor Campbell said.

He called for a “cultural competencies” education curriculum, which would include a focus on teaching about the diversity and inclusion of people of different races and ethnicities.

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