Which children need preschool?

Posted April 13, 2019 14:34:17 The world of education is changing rapidly and children are learning more at home.

Here are some of the questions that are on the minds of parents.

Abeka is a new preschool that offers a different approach to teaching children about science, maths, socialisation and more.

A new curriculum is being developed for the school, but how many children need it?

Abeka preschool is looking for homeschoolers, and parents need to take their children to their schools to find out more about the preschool.

Abkabeenow’s education manager, Julie Gough, says the school needs to do more to engage with the homeschool community and provide better support for teachers.

“We want to make sure the preschool community is engaged and we want to be clear with parents,” Ms Gough said.

“Abeka is in the early stages of development and we don’t want to lose sight of that.”

Abeka’s curriculum focuses on science, but Ms Grough says there are lessons to be learnt for parents as well.

“Children can be taught about science at a young age,” she said.

She said there were no specific science skills needed for preschoolers, so parents could focus on more inclusive curricula.

Ms Goug said the Abeka curriculum included more hands-on science activities, including a science project.

“The curriculum also has a focus on physical education and other skills,” she added.

Abekahabeenows preschool in Adelaide, Western Australia, is a collaboration between Abeka Learning and Abeka Science, an organisation that has a special focus on science education.

Ms Koeppel says her preschool has always been open to all children, but the new curriculum would help to change that.

“For some reason there are some parents who don’t see that, and so we are really trying to make that change,” she told ABC Radio Adelaide.

“They need to feel that their children are being cared for.”

Ms Koesper says her children love Abeka, but they are worried about the new preschool curriculum.

“My oldest child has autism and it’s difficult to be a teacher and not be able to interact with other children,” she says.

“It’s not a safe environment.”

Ms Goulburn says the preschool is a good fit for her children.

“I think it’s good for kids to get more involved in the preschool environment, because there’s a lot of information in the curriculum and there’s lots of learning activities,” she explained.

Ms Rippon says the new Abeka needs a lot more time to get to know parents and teachers. “

In the preschool we have a little bit more autonomy to choose the activities that we want our kids to be doing.”

Ms Rippon says the new Abeka needs a lot more time to get to know parents and teachers.

Ms Riggon says there have been issues around language learning in Abeka.

“Our children are not ready for that yet,” she lamented.

“But we’re trying to figure out how to be more involved and how to make it more fun.”

Abkaba, which means “abounding” in Abkhazian, means “to expand” or “to make bigger”.

The school aims to build up its students’ knowledge about science and maths, and is looking to build a new science laboratory to help them learn.

Ms Brough said she has already received a lot from parents about the Abkabi.

“This is a great opportunity for our preschoolers to learn more about science,” she laughed.

“As they grow older, they want to get into the world of science.”

Abka has launched its preschool programme in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.


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