4th graders in California’s homeschool curriculum don’t know their history

The 4th grade curricula of homeschoolers in Northern California have been criticized for failing to include historical figures and information about slavery, such as when slavery ended.

The curriculum was published in January.

In the curriculum, which is designed to be used by students at all levels of the education system, the curriculum does not mention the U.S. Civil War, which ended in 1865, the end of the Civil War or the Black Civil Rights movement.

The 4-year-old curriculum, written by the home-schooled educator, includes no history of the Black Lives Matter movement, the Civil Rights Movement, or slavery.

The district’s school board voted in June to eliminate the Black History curriculum.

Bob Jones, the home education pioneer, founded the homeschool movement in the early 20th century.

He was arrested for inciting a riot in 1916, but was acquitted.

He died in 1994.

Jones said his curriculum did not include his own personal history, but instead included a list of historical figures.

He said the curriculum is being phased out because it does not meet state standards.

“It’s not about being history, it’s about being a teacher,” he said.

“It’s a tool for teaching, not a tool of indoctrination.”

The curriculum has drawn criticism from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a hate group, as well as from local civil rights leaders.

Southern Poverty law center Executive Director David Williams said the school board’s move to eliminate homeschool history is a “complete and utter betrayal of the most basic principles of equality.”

“They are using their own history, and the very idea that we should be the ones to teach it to our children is reprehensible,” Williams said.

The curriculum is a major part of the California State System for Home Education (CSHE) curriculum, a standardized program used by all home educators in the state.

The system requires home educators to write a home history curriculum.

The program includes a number of topics, including how to make an ice cream, how to decorate a house and how to play with children.

The district said it is “deeply disappointed” in the decision and has already begun implementing a new curriculum.

“We are already making changes to ensure that the curriculum meets state standards,” CSHE said in a statement.

“Our home education students are doing very well, and we continue to work closely with the local and state leaders to make sure that the students in our community are safe.”

The California State Board of Education voted in April to drop the Black history curriculum in the home ed program.

The board also voted in November to remove the Black students from a homeschool program that was created in the 1990s after Jones died.

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