Teachers plan to teach children to read and write by the end of 2018

Teachers plan on teaching students in homeschooling by the year 2018, which could result in a dramatic reduction in the number of students attending schools, according to a new study.

The study by the Institute for Educational Technology at the University of Chicago, which looked at nearly 2,000 homeschoolers, found that the number one reason homeschool students drop out of school is because of a lack of understanding of how the world works.

“If we have a general-interest curriculum that’s based on the world and what we know, then we’re likely to have fewer kids drop out,” said Laura Cramer, an education professor and the study’s lead author.

Cramer said the study shows that parents need to understand that homeschool is an effective way to help children learn and develop their communication skills.

The researchers found that homes have more resources than most schools, including books and computers.

Homeschoolers were less likely to be exposed to the media, but were also more likely to listen to music, have access to a computer, and have access of other social and learning resources.

Teachers in homes also had more access to social and emotional support, as well as support from peers.

This type of support can make a big difference, the researchers said.

“When we have teachers that are on-board with homeschool, the quality of instruction is better,” said Karen Burch, a professor in the Institute of Education at the university who was not involved in the study.

She added that teachers need to be open to new ideas and be able to adapt to students’ learning styles.

“The best way to teach students is to give them an opportunity to learn without them understanding everything that’s happening,” she said.

Teacher support and encouragement is critical for the education of children, according the study, which was conducted in 2017 and 2018.

The institute has been working to improve schools in communities where home schooling is prevalent for the last 10 years.

It aims to have more schools in every school district in the country by 2022.

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