Cfa program teaches students to ‘be yourself’ and ‘change’ with an emphasis on social justice

CFA students learn about social justice issues, including racism and inequality, by studying a curriculum that has been developed by the CFA.

The curriculum, which was developed by student activists and educators in partnership with the University of Toronto, focuses on how to “be yourself” and “change” through the “radical justice” movement.

The CFA is offering a CFA course that explores the intersection of racism, inequality and poverty, as well as how social justice can be “built” through “nonviolent, non-violent struggle.”

The course has been taught by a variety of activists, educators, and other professionals.

The first week of the course is taught by the International Centre for the Study of Radical Justice and is open to anyone with an interest in social justice.

The course has also been taught to CFA teachers, and the class has been approved for use in Ontario.

The course will cover topics such as race and inequality; health and mental health; and women’s and gender justice.

The courses will be taught by members of the Canadian CFA Collective, a group of student activists from across Canada, as part of a collaborative effort with CFA Canada.

“The CFSB is an integral part of the CFS Collective, as we work to transform Canadian society through a radical transformation of the state and economy,” said CFA President Linda Joffe.

“The CFTC and the CFEC are working together to create a course that will teach students how to take control of their lives and change their social and political destinies, and will inspire the next generation of leaders.”CFA Canada said the course was developed with the support of students from across the country.

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