When will California’s homeschoolers graduate?

The California legislature will consider legislation next week to allow homeschooling students to graduate from high school.

The move is seen as a victory for parents who have pushed to have homeschool graduates become state teachers, but the measure is likely to face opposition from parents who fear the bill will lead to more charter schools.

The bill would require all California homeschool students to complete a California high school diploma.

A majority of state lawmakers voted in favor of the bill last year.

Now, it’s on President Donald Trump’s desk to sign the bill into law.

In a statement, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said that “our state will not fail.”

She said that the bill “will not allow homes for our children to be put in the hands of those who would use our children for their own purposes.”

The measure passed by a vote of 59-32 in the Senate on Tuesday and by a 58-32 vote in the Assembly on Thursday.

The measure was initially introduced in 2014, and it has become an issue in recent years.

Parents in the state have also argued that homeschooled students have a higher risk of dropping out of school and that the curriculum could be less rigorous because of the homeschool model.

It’s unclear how the bill would affect the state’s existing charter schools, which are unregulated.

Critics of the measure say it would allow charter schools to operate with fewer protections.

Some of California’s largest charter schools have faced legal challenges.

Earlier this year, a California state court judge ruled that charter schools in California can’t require students to have a high school degree or work in a public sector job.

California Charter Schools Association President John Nadelhoffer said that if the bill becomes law, the association would seek a federal court injunction to stop it.

“We will continue to fight for our families, our schools and our state,” he said in a statement.

In March, California passed legislation that allows parents to opt out of home schooling and allow children to complete more education in private homes.

That law will take effect on June 1.

The law has become a hot topic in California, where parents and lawmakers are pushing for the law to be expanded.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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