Which school is the most effective at giving kids the most creative opportunities?

By the end of this year, the National School and College Library Association is predicting that over half of the country’s schools will have the capability to host online creative learning for students.

That’s according to the association’s latest Creative Skills Assessment.

It says that over one million students will be able to learn in online and blended learning environments this year.

In a recent article, the Association’s CEO, James McKeever, said it’s critical that we are investing in the education of our students and their ability to develop new ideas.

The Association says it hopes the results will inspire the next generation of digital and media learners.

“It is an exciting time for digital learners,” he said.

“Teachers and students can now take on a new level of engagement and creativity through an online learning environment where they can create new, original works of art, share their creations with peers, and discover new skills and techniques.”

Creative Skills Assessment (CSA) data shows the majority of Australian schools have the ability to host educational content online and in the blended learning environment.

This means students can access a wide range of learning resources including digital art, music, video games, and art history.

There are currently more than 4.3 million students enrolled in Australian schools, with an average of over 5,000 enrolled.

Mr McKeiver says the success of online learning is down to an abundance of resources.

“There are so many options online for students and teachers to get their students the best digital learning experience possible,” he explained.

“The availability of high quality online content and tools like Adobe Creative Suite and Lynda.com allows for students to get access to a vast array of learning content.”

“And this makes it much easier for students who want to learn more collaboratively, and for teachers to find students who are interested in a particular subject,” he added.

“I think we are seeing a new wave of students going online for the first time, and the digital learning environment is really an opportunity to take them on and give them access to all the resources that are available to them.”

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