Catholic Homeschooling Program to Launch on Virtual Curriculum Pathways

By Kristi WiesnerThe Catholic homeschool curricula, christian homescreen and curriculum pathways are available online, with the launch of the new virtual curriculum pathways website.

The virtual curriculum paths website is the result of a partnership between Catholic schools and the Christian Homeschool Consortium, which is a partnership of Catholic educational and faith communities.

The new website will allow parents and guardians to search and download the curriculum materials.

The curriculum pathways can be downloaded from the website of Catholic homesource and are being developed by Christian Homescreen, the home-schools ministry of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Church’s global mission.

The curricula are designed to help parents and their children prepare for life in the Catholic community, the ministry said.

The ministry said that while many parents and young people have difficulty accessing a curriculum, the curricula can be used as a resource for parents and children to work through common concerns, as well as provide additional information about how the Catholic faith relates to their lives.

Parents and guardians will be able to select the curriculum path and view it in real-time on the new website, the Ministry said.

The curricula will also be available for free on the Virtual Currics Pathways website, which also is currently under construction.

The Catholic Homescreen website will feature video tutorials and videos to help prepare parents and youth for life at home.

The Virtual Curries Pathways, a new online platform for the Catholic homescreen curriculum, will also allow parents to view a wide variety of resources for their families, including Catholic news, Catholic culture and Catholic history.

The platform is currently in the works, the Catholic Homesource website said.

While it is unclear how many homeschooling programs exist in the United States, the vast majority are funded by private philanthropic donations.

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