Why do we need a new curriculum?

Homeschooling is on the rise in Australia.

But there are some concerns about the way it’s being taught and what the future holds for the Australian education system.

The new curriculum has been proposed by the Victorian Education Department, but there’s been a lot of scepticism from some parents.

Here’s what you need to know about it.

ABC News: What’s the curriculum?

The new curriculum is a combination of state and federal education policy and curriculum developed by the Australian Academy of Education.

It aims to promote a “modern, science-based curriculum for children” and will be implemented in all state schools by 2020.

It will be based on the standards of the National Curriculum and Education Framework (NCEEF) and the National Quality Assessment Framework (NQAF).

Schools will be able to choose to adopt the curriculum.

The NQAF is an assessment tool developed by a range of experts that assesses schools’ readiness to deliver high-quality and engaging lessons for students.

Schools will also be able set their own curriculum.

In the meantime, the Victorian Government is proposing to include a number of other policy recommendations.

In addition to the NCEEF and NQAAF, the curriculum is expected to include:• A focus on science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) topics, with emphasis on skills, and understanding of their relationship with science and the natural world• The use of English in teaching and learning• The importance of science, social science and maths, with a focus on human values, science, science education, technology and the environment and the value of collaboration in science and technology to help improve our lives• A “diverse and inclusive curriculum for students and parents” and the provision of information and resources on education, health and wellbeing.


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