Canada’s Education Minister: I don’t need to educate people with a computer

By John R. LottThe Canadian PressJan.

25, 2019, 12:02:16Canadian Education Minister Diane Finley-Blake told a parliamentary committee Wednesday that her department is not interested in teaching people how to program, and the department is looking to other sources to provide information.

Finley-Blair told the committee that her departments goal is to provide “the highest level of education that the world has ever seen.”

She said the department will use the internet to provide that “in a way that is appropriate to the country that we serve.”

The government has already made a number of moves to boost the public’s understanding of technology and how it can be used.

It’s an area where we’ve taken a lot of risks, she said, noting that the government has used public service contracts to create a digital literacy workforce.

The government plans to create two digital literacy programs, one for schools and one for teachers, to be run in partnership with local non-profit organizations.

It has already used the online version of the federal digital literacy initiative, which launched in 2014.

It created an online version for the provincial version of its digital literacy program.

The program will focus on the digital literacy skills of teachers and staff, and will be managed by the Department of Education, Skills, and Employment.

The other program, which the government plans will be run by a different company, will focus more on digital literacy for students.

The department will also be looking for other providers to supply the program’s curriculum, including technology companies.

The Department of Public Instruction has been working with companies that offer courses that use the Internet for the past six months, Finley Blake said.

The education department will be looking to companies such as Pearson Canada, which specializes in software and software-as-a-service, and Coursera, a online learning platform that was acquired by Microsoft for $500 million in 2017.

The province will also look to technology companies to provide the curriculum, and that the curriculum will be updated every five years, she added.

She said teachers will be provided with computer labs to use, and other digital learning resources such as video courses and interactive games.

The ministry plans to continue providing the materials, but the focus will be on creating more high-quality online courses for students in primary, secondary and college-level courses.

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