Education in hidden classrooms: Curriculum hidden from the public

India is taking a fresh approach to teaching at home, but some children have no idea they are learning the subject at all.

It is a significant step in the fight against poverty in the country, where more than one in five children lives below the poverty line, and where there is no formal education system.

The government has decided to take up the issue, and in an attempt to provide education to children in remote areas, the education ministry has launched a programme to set up small schools for children from rural areas.

Its aim is to help create a self-sufficient future in rural India, where the education system is woefully lacking.

“We want to create a place where children can learn anything they want.

They will be able to go on to higher education and do their degree,” said Babu Bajpai, secretary, government-run National Rural Education Mission.

However, some parents and teachers believe that this is not enough, and say it will not address the root cause of poverty in rural areas: lack of education.

“The primary school education system in rural area is so poor that a child may go to school for only six months or three years.

This is the root of the problem.

So how can we improve this situation?” said N. Rajkumar, a mother of a three-year-old who is learning English.

There are about 100 such schools in the remote areas where children are educated.

But they do not teach a basic curriculum such as grammar, history or geography.

Some of the schools have a curriculum that is difficult for some children, such as maths and science.

But there is little help from the government.

Children are enrolled in the government-funded schools.

But many children cannot afford the tuition, which can run into the thousands of rupees.

A number of parents are protesting the government’s move, saying they are too poor to pay the tuition.

In December, the government announced plans to build 500 schools for students from remote areas in order to provide a comprehensive education for all.

However, many parents and educators do not have the means to pay for a child’s schooling.

According to the government, the move will provide free and free education to students who live in rural regions.

But some parents are sceptical.

Why is the government doing this?

Why not provide the children with basic education in remote villages?

What about the people who are illiterate in remote communities?

“If there are no jobs in remote area, how can they afford basic education?

I think that the government is trying to improve the education situation,” said Bajai.

Education minister Rajendra Singh, who heads the government education department, said the move is in line with the government plan to establish a self fund for primary education in rural education.

Students at the rural education school run by the National Rural Development Mission in Dhanbad, in West Bengal state, India, on April 14, 2017.

Source: Reuters/File: J.P. Nair Source: Reuters

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